AWESTRUCK Marketing Group





AWESTRUCK Marketing Group has been around for almost two decades but we often just go by "AWE", so feel free to call us that.

One thing we've always prided ourselves on is transparency. We are solution-oriented and don't just respond with "no", but rather, "let us give you some options". We don't pitch ideas that we can't execute. We work with our clients as partners and keep you informed every step of the way. With transparency comes trust, another thing we are good at building and maintaining.

Let's not forget the quality of our executions. We are logistical gurus, we heart excel documents, production timelines, detailed run of show schedules, and tracking packages every hour until they are delivered. With deep rooted connections throughout the US, we provide venues that attract the right foot traffic, specialty vendors, nationwide staff to work as the face of your campaign, and a production team that pulls off the impossible. You’ll be greeted by our smiling faces after a 12 hour load in. We love this stuff.

We've been doing this for a long time, together, and we function as a bi-coastal family. There is a lot of love and respect between us and you'll feel that when we work together.

C'mon, let's get people AWESTRUCK.